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Monday, 4 May 2015


Here comes autumn the fantails cry.

Build a nest or come on let's fly.

Rain shoots down shining like a crown.

Fragile and crispy, yellow leaves waft down.

Smoky sky is coloured by a giant crayon neat.

The fragile twigs snap under the weight of my feet.

Water grenades slide off leaves, exploding as they hit my hand.

Soaked grass brushes against my shoes, hanging on by a strand.

From the kitchen  smell Delicious  Apple crumble

As I lick my lips I can hear my stomach rumble.

But then one golden leaf drifts not making a sound;

A single ray of light breaks through a cloud break it has found

And hits the leaf as it touches the ground.




  1. Elliot, this is fabulous writing. You have rich, enveloping descriptions that enfold me like a feather duvet and take me with you to autumn.

    1. Yeah,
      I agree, you managed to rhyme the poem unlike me and it flows well!