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Sunday, 23 August 2015


Have you ever had that had you thought oh why did I do that? But you think it too late. Like the time you didn't tie your shoelaces and ended up tripping over, or maybe you hear a warning that a pie is hot but you ignore it and think you'll be fine -  only to end up with a numb, tingling pain on your tongue. Once I had a devastating and horrible near death experience surprisingly in the extremely boring Nasby house.
My family and I rented a house in Naseby when I was three we had been there many times and we still go there now. I'm pretty sure mum and dad like the house me and theo think the backyard is average sure we've had some good times like when I was pushed into a raspberry bush or the time I made a rabbit trap and I ended up being hit in the head by a stone and There was that time Theo bombarded me with pine cones  those were kinda cool. But overall, Naseby can be a bit boring.

On one of those boring nasby days when mum and dad were just discussing what the family would do that day (I personally wanted to go to the park) mum and dad made up their minds we were going for a walk first. I said “please?” but i didn't get the response I wanted. So I packed a hissy fit. That did not work either. So I tried to be an optimist by thinking at least there is one good thing about a walk and that is the cliffs. 

There we were, simply walking to the entrance to the forest . Unlike me, making it look like a treacherous mountain climb lumbering on behind hoping I would get a piggyback. It took forever to get to the top when i refer to forever I mean two minutes, but we got there. There were the almighty savers of a boring walk the cliffs.

Me and my brother had a so called secret path that lead to     
the top of a cliff. There we were sliding down at amazing speeds despite our mum and dad calling out for us to stop. Then I had this fantastic idea. Why don't we slide down on a piece of wood? 5mins later 
“yahoo!” theo shouts “my turn!” I holler. Big mistake. 
I jumped onto the wood and started to slide I could feel the ride getting bumper and bumper I could feel the wood getting shaker and shaker i could hear the loose gravel grinding against the wood . unluckily the board jammed on a stone halfway down the slope. I went flying my first reaction I'm flying. Second reaction, I'm gonna crash The impact came fast, a bone jarring crunch it was, and excruciating. The agony was continuous and affected all of my body. Using adrenaline to power myself, I stumbled over to dad. 
When I was walking back to the house my only thoughts were oh why did i do that. So always obey your parents, and listen to their advice - sometimes they know best because they've learnt the hard way. Although I think it is more exciting to learn it the hard way yourself.

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