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Monday, 12 October 2015

Arts Reflection

This term He Tagata have been working on a play showing māori values. We performed it at the Commons in Christchurch city. Here are some highlights:  the school band and and my mum coming to watch.
I connected to my audience by looking at cameras. I saw one of my friends connecting to the community by letting others dance while he sang.   

I saw lots of families using Whānaungatanga by hanging out with their family. I also saw Manaakitanga when Harry let others join in, and other parents buying food for other kids. There was lots of kotahitanga when somebody made a mistake in the play the person who was supposed to talk next would make something up something so the mistake was less obvious. 

The community connected to me by cheering and telling me how good is was and how I could improve. They also connected by talking to me about the play.

This has shown me many thing I could do in my ordinary life involving Whānaungatanga , Manaakitanga and Kotahitanga like busking or doing an odd job.

Overall this experience has taught me lots and given me lots of ideas for the future.

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