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Monday, 12 October 2015

Canyon tramp

The first thing I notice were the tall cliffs towering over me like stone pillars connected together.

 Then I look up and see the glimmering, clear, blue sky.   I glance back down and I notice the embedded rocks stuck fast in solid dirt, unable to escape. 

Then I glance around me. Enormous, lush pine trees freshen the air, soft bushes sway gently to the wind and long thin grass harmlessly brush my feet.

I sat down and looked around me. My weighty backpack (the one that slows my every move and makes my shoulders hunch) was sitting on the ground. Sharp thorns were piercing layers of my skin and the stoney gravel path crunches under my feet.
I was excited for the tramp ahead I wonder what will happen next ?


  1. I love the sound of this place it reminds me of when I went on a tramp at Lake Daniels, I hope you had a good time there I cerntanly enjoyed my tramp.

  2. I remember this tramp into Trotters Gorge too...I remember Eliana pulling her trundler backpack along the path instead of carrying it on her back...and then we missed the hut and you boys went off in front in search for it. Thanks for writing about this memory Elliot! I particularly like the bit about the weighty backpack making your shoulders hunch. When we go for a longer tramp to Packhorse Hut next Waitangi weekend, I'll make sure I give you another heavy one so you can write about it too. :)

  3. I mean Hut not Hui...