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Monday, 2 November 2015


Snowy peaks are covered with soft snow. I could just imagine sinking deep into the snow like a ball pool. 

I gaze over the lush forests. I could see birds tweeting, trees rustling and sheep grazing on green grass. I felt like I was in heaven.

I stare at the glistening river with fish leaping out and deer coming down to rehydrate with fresh water so they continue with their journey.

The sharp stones line the bank with deadly razor blades, even the thought of being cut by one was horrific.

I look up at the clear blue sky without a cloud in sight. The warm sun provides heat for the earth.

The windy road twists to the horizon. Where it would take me next? I asked myself as I jumped back into the car.


  1. That was an incredible description Elliot! I liked it when you said 'peaks with soft white snow'. I liked it how you said 'peaks' instead of 'mountains'! It really gives me a picture in my head. And 'the sharp stones' was awesome, too. Maybe it could b a place in Naimraria...
    Really cool piece of writing! I liked reading it a lot!

  2. Nice Elliot, I liked how you used lots of discriptive language. I think this is you best piece yet!