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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term one art learning


This term I have been learning about the elements of music. We decided to make a visual mihi and a musical soundscape based on a poem.

While doing this I learnt how to make aurasma, how to use and mix various pastels and how to make a soundscape. We had to create a soundscape that represented the things in our poems. Some of the elements in my soundscape were beat, rhythm, tone colour, dynamics, pitch and tempo. I used beat to give us a base; something to put more layers on. I used a stick against the ground to create the noise. I used the rhythm to speed it up. I used the shakers to create a gravel path sound, I whistled to create the noise of a bell bird and I used dynamics to make it not seem so plain.

I think my soundscape is relational because you can relate my soundscape to my poem. Overall this terms visual mihi has gone to a high standard.

Here is the link to the soundscape for the  poem blow

Where I feel at home
Where wood pigeons swoop down
shouting war cries as they go.
Where rivers slide over rocks 
creating rapids as they jump off stones.

Where bellbirds sing and strut around 
displaying their tail feathers.

Where enormous redwoods tower above
as tall as a skyscrapers.

Where paths dodge through trees
missing them by inches.
Where we hammer in pegs 
to hold up our house.

Camping there is where I feel at home.

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