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Monday, 19 September 2016

Too much safety

I think my speech went well because it was well structured   we were learning to use advanced rubrics to help! I was learning to use the power of three, repetition and connectives. My ideas flowed well and connected back to my main idea I used several language devices to connect to the audience And I use many ideas that connect to the subject . I think I could improve on my speech by using different tones of voice. 

    Here is the link to my speech please listen or read below 

Do you ever wonder what happened to the giant slides with no railings? And the lookouts with no safety bars? Perhaps they were abducted by aliens,  maybe some slide loving maniac stole them all, or maybe the government got rid of them because they thought they were unsafe? I think the word is becoming too safe
Everybody has that time when they go down to the park for their weekend play. They muck around on the playground for a while then you decide to go and climb your favourite tree but when you get there you sense something is wrong. All the branches you used to climb the tree were cut off. Your day at the park has been ruined.

Or perhaps you're off on a family outing for a walk in the bush. The walk is known for its fantastic views. You walk for hours but most of the walk you could not see through the dense trees but there is a viewing platform with no ktrees you finally get to the place with the view. You jump into the viewing platform you look out but the view is obstructed by a giant fence. Your family outing has been spoiled all because of one fence.

Another example of too much safety is the Margaret Mahy playground. The giant slide is reasonably fun but since it's built onto a hill you can't fall off and you can't jump down.
It is okay to have a little bit of safety but if everything is extremely safe we will not learn and if one day we find ourselves in a place with no safety we won't know what to do.

I think the world is becoming to bubble wrapped and over protective. Giant railings on slides, chopped branches so we are unable to climb trees and playgrounds designed with no risks. if you become a member of the council one day try to convince them that the world is becoming way too safe! We need create spaces that has some risks so that we can learn to to be safe ourselves.

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